2D 3D Design& Animation

2D Animation Services:-

At DG Art world studio, we help you in creating high quality 2D characters and images with the use of traditional animation techniques correctly adapted to the modern technology . We start it first with the creation of 2D Vector graphics or Bitmap Graphics which are then animated.

Here we incorporate the use of animation techniques such as onion –skinning, tweening and morphing amongst others.

3D Animation Services:-

Our creative team expert also gives you the facility of animation in Flash, Powerpoint and analog computer. Our 3D animation technique will give your work a lifelike quality. We start by using various polygons and then we apply digital armatures to give life to the images.

Some of the 3D animation techniques worked out at our studio includes skeletal animation, motion capture, cel-shaded animation, crowd simulation and morph target animation.

We incorporate the use of latest technology including Adobe after effects, Final Cut, Maya and 3D studio, Autodesk and premier.